Chapter 1. Petition to Japan

Table of Contents

Petition to Japanese government
Economic policy
Foreign Policy
Traffic safety
Health policy
Legal reform
Petition to Japanese companies
Primary sector of industry
Consumer electronics industry
Manufacturing industry
Health care

Petition to Japanese government

The Japanese people have voting rights, eligibility for election and the right to petition. I don't submit the petition directly to a Diet member, but release it on the internet. If you are the diet member, please let me know.

Economic policy

Political parties and denominations should improve their ability for drafting economic policy. The second Abe cabinet was launched by obtaining overwhelming support from the people because they studied economic policy. Opposition party members need to invite experts including economists and company managers as policy advisers.

Corporate tax rate reduction

The corporate tax rate reduction need to be determined by the ratios of permanent and non-permanent employees. It will be a good incentive to increase the number of permanent employees.

The tax incentives for venture capital, micro credit and crowdfunding are also needed. The provision of Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act is insufficient.


Statistics Bureau of Japan (SBJ) needs to convert vague innovation into a numeric value of an economic indicator [1]which should be utilized in policy.

Power to Gas

There are some shipyards which are able to build large ships such as hydrogen tankers in Japan. There are also some ship screw propeller makers, which can be diverted to a water turbine as part of wave energy converter (WEC). That's why I would recommend the powership [2] for the power generation on the ocean where it is suitable for Power to Gas.

If hydrogen storage in carbon nanotube is put to practical use, the powership will be formed into a modified container ship so that it can effectively use port of discharge. Furthermore, strings of power generators like longline fishing will be installed in the powership.

Car manufacturers should sell fuel cell bus[3] and natural gas one in advance of sedan. We need clean public transportation. It will take a long time before fuel cell sedan becomes widespread.

Government bonds redemption

Inflation targeting will help to redeem government bonds. It is a golden opportunity to reduce the national debt.

Lottery should be actively utilized so that Local governments which struggle to pay their debts, can get prior lottery proceeds.

Revision of broadcast act

The broadcasting such as TV or radio is being replaced the airwaves with streaming media. It's no longer valuable strategy for the oligopoly in each prefecture. Conversely, local broadcasting stations have an opportunity to advance into overseas markets. It's highly recommended that they translate their programs into English or other languages for the international competitiveness of the content business. So broadcast act should be revised.

Insider trading regulations

The officials should regulate rating firms, the dealers of which should be kept under more severe surveillance in particular and they should be charged with insider trading.

Pension fund management

Pension fund management need to be more flexible with Futures contract and buying volatility ETFs or inverse ETFs. Stock price will go down by market principle, though sometimes it doesn't work. There is no never-ending bull markets. Although GPIF has ample funds, when they spend all ammunition, the destructive bazooka is just a pipe. it is sinister symptoms that the stock chart shows threshold curve. Artificial asset inflation may cause a catastrophe.

Preparation for China crisis

Many economists predict the collapse of Chinese economy. China officials may repeat the same mistake of Japan's bubble economy. I don't know how to avoid déjà vu, but We must take measures against the collapse. If it so happens, we should help them as good neighbors.

Traditional comparative advantage premises fixed factors of production such as price and wage. Conversely, new comparative advantage assumes dynamics of factors including exchange rate, price fluctuation and wage growth. China's export-led growth has already reached a dead-end. The monocultural economy which is composed of the manufacturing industry, is so fragile that policy maker should maintain economic diversity. The asset inflation such as stock and real estate has ended and the asset price may turn down.

OpenPGP personal authentication

OpenPGP supports not only Microsoft Windows but also major Operating Systems. If officials introduce it, cross-platform e-Government services such as e-Tax system can be used by every users who register the public key on the internet.

Biometrics identification is better than national identification number. We can go to public offices empty-handed. Furthermore, officials can identify and certificate the public key of the applicant in PGP key servers.

The abolition of government monopoly

Government monopoly remains as liquor tax. Double taxation which consists of liquor tax and consumption tax (Value added tax in Japan), causes the hardships of life in our country. If the Diet abolishes liquor tax, consumers will buy them, and will increase tax revenue.

Foreign Policy

Takeshima and Senkaku Islands

We should solve the small islands issue that cause big diplomatic difficulties with neighbors. Once Japanese government became a modern nation earlier than neighbors did during the Meiji period. When Japanese government declared possession of these islands, China and Korea were not modern nations. We should solve problems through discussion. If we can't agree about them, we should settle in the International Court of Justice as Mr. Toru Hashimoto suggested.

Traffic safety

It is abnormal that thousands of people have been killed in traffic accidents every year. Traffic officials should improve the system.

Collision avoidance system

The legal obligation of collision avoidance system on the occasion of the selling of new cars, would prevent a great number of traffic accidents.

Separate traffic signals for pedestrians

As bereaved families requested, National Police Agency officials should replace normal signals with separate traffic signals immediately.

Deregulation for personal transporter

There are so many narrow roads that the segway and all other mainly one person electrical vehicles need to be classified as bicycles or walkers in some cases if it meets the condition of speed limit.

Health policy

The key points are medical tourism and countermeasures against low birthrate and longevity.

Mutual recognition of drug approvals

PMDA should immediately recognize drug approvals by FDA, EMA and so on.

Abolishment of restriction of the number of doctors

The officials should not limit the number of doctors as many as dentists whose services are available all over the countries. Then, doctors will be happy to leave for underpopulated areas.

Private management of hospitals

Hospitals should be managed not only by medical corporations but also by private enterprises. Market penetration is important like it used to be.


Since the highly advanced medical treatment is too expensive for patients to receive, it should be covered by insurance especially for immunotherapy which is effective against unremovable cancer by surgery or radiotherapy.

Legal reform

Law and order

The law should be amended for sting operations targeting billing fraud. Police will be able to sell roster suppliers the fake data of informants such as telephone directory and address book.

Precedent is not law. They should distinguish between judicial power and legislative power. Diet members should revise the Penal Code and then should establish a standard on the death penalty as the supplementary provision or the proviso.

Civil Code amendment

The priority of parent-child relationship by gene should be respected except for adopted children. The surrogate mother should be specified in the provision of the Civil Code.

Japan is called advanced nation, but it's been a long time since we were called an economic animal. our country is not the leading economic power any longer. If we hope to keep being in a strong position in the international community, we should build a society with special consideration to minorities.

Ainu language should be one of official languages for the promotion of Ainu culture who are indigenous people especially in Hokkaido.

The ordinance of Shibuya ward which recognize same-sex couples is an admirable precedent. The Civil Code should be amended to recognize same-sex marriage.

Local autonomy law amendment

The local autonomy law amendment is necessary to set up special wards in ordinance-designated cities of every prefecture as well as the Tokyo 23 special wards as Mr. Toru Hashimoto proposed Osaka Metropolis plan.


Students began with learning English at yobimon before entering a university during the Meiji period, because many professors came from abroad. University presidents should invite foreign professors to grow excellent human resources.

The earlier students start learning English, the better they can be bilingual speakers. If possible, early childhood education is better. They should start learning it from the first year of compulsory education at the latest.

Cultural inheritance was interrupted by a movement for promoting colloquial literature and kaisho (block style of writing Chinese characters). Students should get a compulsory education with writing in sosho (fully cursive style of writing) and reading Japanese or Chinese classics more than ever before.

Online textbooks and educational materials such as EPUB which can read on smartphone and tablet PC, are better than heavy printed materials that students carry every day. In addition to publishers, Video game developers will be able to get good value for public purpose.

Although it is important to become a person of culture, it should be emphasized the importance of lectures on practical knowledge and expert knowledge for cultivating human resources at compulsory education school, high school and at university. we need not only generalists but specialists in our society. In particular, it is more necessary to set up department of computer science, and for other departments to actively take advantage of computer based training that provides server management, web development and programming. Students pay the tuition for the right not to learn worthless knowledge until graduation.

[2] The usual experimental floating structure is assumed that it has off-shore wind power system, so there is not enough space to install hydrogen tanks. Moreover, an anchorless ship is better than anchored floating structure because a number of typhoons have come to Japan every year.