Petition to Japanese companies

It is necessary to make the vision clear that Japanese companies should develop business plans for new industry creation. Furthermore, they should carry out the plans as if they tried "encouragement of new industry" again during the Meiji period.

Primary sector of industry

Added value is important factor for successful development as professor emeritus Naraomi Imamura have pointed out.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) announced "The Global Food Value Chain Strategy". We must have a bird's‐eye view of food product including research, planting, productization, distribution and sale.

Cereals other than rice

Nowadays Japanese who prefer rice-based diet, tend to decrease. Traditionally, Multiple cropping of rice and wheat was found in every rice field throughout Japan. Now is when the system should been regenerated.

New wheat cultivars for Sanuki udon were developed at Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station. Its name is "Sanuki no Yume 2000" and "Sanuki no Yume 2009" which benefit flour milling companies, noodle manufacturing companies, and udon noodle shops.

Complete aquaculture

Japanese like seafood. Washoku (Japanese cuisine) is spreading all over the world. However, there are concerns of resource depletion among researchers.

Completely farm-raising bluefin tuna has been commercialized by the Fisheries Laboratory of Kinki University

Full-cycle aquaculture of Japanese eel was developed by the Fisheries Research Agency (FRA)

Greening agriculture in arid lands

There are major multinational grain companies which provide large-scale farmers with farm equipment and purchase their crops. Japanese companies should learn from these companies. The last frontier where the human can develop is desert except for the universe. Japanese companies have the technologies for greening the desert, and can change into farmland or grove. The more employees, the less conflict in the Middle East.

Japanese companies have various technologies of desalination plant, irrigation equipment and plant nursery. The tie-up with these companies can expand overseas where clean technology has potential for development, including Power to Gas.

Usual plantation can cause negative effects on pest and disease control. It is not good to grow only bananas or date palms, so they should use companion planting.

Paddy fields surrounded by aze (paddy ridges) or furrows, can be useful for flushing salt damage to drainage system. Japanese companies can make ridge plastering machine. Other salt removal technologies should also be introduced for Soil salinity control.

Consumer electronics industry

Japanese monocultural economy is composed of the manufacturing industry especially consumer electronics, whether good or bad.

Merger of consumer electronics companies

Promotion of merger of electronics companies is necessary to enhance global competitiveness.


Every services such as news paper, radio, television and telephone have been integrated into the internet for which smartTV is going to be one of the gate.

The excellent Operating System (OS) is needed for successful development of smartTV. I would recommend you select Ubuntu which is suitable for sharing files or other LAN services connected between desktop PC, smartphone, tablet PC and smartTV. It has also an excellent package manager that performs dependency resolution.

Of course, OS should have Application Programming Interface (API) synchronizing cloud service like Google Android.

I also propose that video game console should be integrated in smartTV. In other words, game library and API will have to be installed on smartTV OS.

Companies such as SHARP need to take advantage of glasses-free 3D display. I suggest that these companies provide the television stations with cameras and other broadcasting equipment free of charge to become a de facto standard.

Video game developers need to be focused on educational games and need to tie up with manufacturer of teaching material. We live in one of the countries with lowest birth rate, but the internet has no borders.

Mobile device

The display of smart watch is too small to use virtual keyboard. So I would recommend that projection keyboard or interactive projector should be installed in it. Then you will be able to operate it on your back of the hand as keyboard and touch screen such as interactive whiteboard.

Furthermore, smart watch will be able to provide a bone conduction telephone through a hand gesture.

Japanese companies should join international strategic alliance for NFC, iBeacon and biometrics at world market where shops, stores, restaurants, ATMs, [4] vending machines, station kiosks, ticket gates, and public services are available.

Computers toward next generation

Japanese companies need to productize the computers which have high potentiality.

Ink-jet film computer[5] is suitable for small and thin devices.

Promising quantum computer is far superior to the usual super computer which consists of large-scale computer cluster that needs to improve FLOPS [6]per unit.

Open strategy

It's useful for Japanese companies adopting strategy of open source, open standard and open architecture. Please refer to Mr. Eric Steven Raymond's famous essays.[7]

We should remember the failures of NEC PC-98 series and i-mode of NTT docomo. Let's share not small pies but a larger one.

For example, so many companies such as Amazon, joined OpenStack development which enables to serve high quality cloud services. There is a way to clearly distinguish between alliance and competition.

Manufacturing industry

The era of mass production was already over.


Custom-fit concept with the assistance of 3D scanner, CAD/CAM/CAE [8] and rapid manufacturing is suitable for clothing, eyeglasses and shoe manufacturing. It will be easy to adjust finely paper patterns of cutting plotter. No one want to put on a pair of baggy pants that are too long except people who wear sagging pants with stylish.

Conveyor belt sushi

If kaiten-zushi with touch screen ordering system is introduced in assembly work, it will be convenient in the same way as cellular manufacturing. Assembly line carries products. Conversely, kaiten-zushi manufacturing carries parts of a product.

Product development

Point of sale (POS) and supply chain management (SCM) is suitable for a supply-side perspective. It is also important for a demand-side perspective; in other words, product development. Big data analysis or so-called analytics which is popular right now, needs data base management, algorithms and statistical analysis. Since everyone does not necessarily have statistical skills, SCM should be connected to data mining software for graphical display, that's easy to understand for everyone.


Although Japan's population pyramid have been in unbalanced shape since world war II, Japanese companies stick to employ new graduates. There is a convergence of second-generation baby boomers in the labor force by age group. They should reconsider the age requirements for working and the mandatory retirement age.

Labors who didn't have an experience of regular employee, can't write a successful curriculum vitae. They have been discriminated when they have an interview even though they have the ability to do the job. Mass media spread the word NEET as discriminatory term and insult the jobless.

Job interviewers need to have keen eye for talent. Interviewers who don't know how to code, tend to be convinced that job seekers who graduated from the university in the faculty of humanities or social sciences, are not good programmers. They should cast away all prejudices. American companies choose CIO [9] and CTO [10] as a member of the board of directors who build shareholders confidence. Japanese directors also should have the ability of web development, programming and system administration.



Railway companies need to extend Saitama Rapid Railway Line or Tsukuba Express to Ibaraki airport. It's necessary to improve the interoperability between Haneda, Narita and Ibaraki.


SCMaglev (Superconducting Maglev) is suitable for a long distance travel. So Japanese companies should propose to establish an international railway company rather than international competitive bidding.

Health care

Artificial bone

Perhaps bioabsorbable bone material can be applied to dental therapy especially for caries.

[4] FUJITSU FRONTECH launched ATM with NFC in Europe.

[6] It stands for floating-point operations per second.

[7] Eric S. Raymond's Home Page

I read Japanese essays translated by Mr. Hiroo Yamagata.

  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar

  • Homesteading the Noosphere

  • The Magic Cauldron

[8] Manufacturing process of computer numerical control (CNC)

  1. Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

  2. Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

  3. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

[9] An abbreviation for Chief Information Officer.

[10] An abbreviation for Chief Technology Officer.