Settlement colony

The federal government and private-sector corporations establish the joint venture (JV) under PPP/PFI mode to develop arid land as settlement colony. The JV introduces desalination plant to irrigation system. The JV invites arid land researchers and drip irrigation experts at the same time.

Electric power companies generates electric power from renewable energy as much as possible. To make up for an electric power shortage, electric power companies and gas companies also builds natural gas power stations. Power to gas is the best technology to store the excess power such as hydrogen [2] and methane. So electric power companies need to form a business tie-up with gas companies.

The joint venture attracts agricultural corporations, food companies and carrier business. The JV also plants cedrus libani for the purpose of desert greening. The state government builds infrastructure and public facilities.

The JV needs to make plans according to precedent of the Valley of Peace initiative.

[2] For production of hydrogen by seawater electrolysis, please see the website of professor emeritus Koji Hashimoto.